Covid-19 Impacted Industry

Support Your Favorite Bars & Bartenders

Several local West Hollywood bars are struggling to stay in business. Most bartenders have lost their jobs.
$1 usd for every bottle you purchase goes to supporting local West Hollywood bars & bartenders. And with every purchase, you can chip in an additional donation.
Help others today with your purchase.

About Us

The New Normal

Yes to:

Organic, smooth, sustainable, recycled materials, and good causes.

No to:

Chemicals, fiery burn in your throat, pesticides, hormones, wasted material, and wild-west tequila commercials.

When we decided to make tequila, we created a product that we were looking for ourselves. Smooth, organic, with social values. We set off to find the ingredients and people who could put a conscious product together. The result is the only type of tequila we’d like to consume.

4590 MacArthur Blvd, 5th floor
Newport Beach
CA 92660

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