Casa Mate Organic Tequila

From the sun-kissed fields of Jalisco, Mexico, there has emerged a brand of tequila that dares to stand up against the tide of mass accelerator-driven products made palatable with additives. Casa Mate Organic Tequila, the brainchild of lifelong friends Francisco Gonzalez and Oscar Madrid, arose from the fertile soil of tradition, tequila making expertise and unwavering dedication to quality.

Francisco and Oscar, natives of Guadalajara—a city just 30 minutes away from the iconic town of Tequila—share a lineage steeped in the art and craft of tequila production. Francisco was born into a family of agave growers, while Oscar came from a lineage that had been distilling this celestial juice for generations. From playful activities in fields of agave farms, they grew to become young adults while completing their education in business administration, at ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, 15 years ago.

As the tequila business grew into a $13.8 billion industry, Francisco and Oscar, seasoned insiders, observed with growing concern how the quality of tequila began to wane. Production practices increasingly leaned towards rapid-profit generation, often at the expense of the craftsmanship and authenticity that should define the tequila experience for consumers. Instead of the traditional seven-to-10 years of patient nurturing, agave plants were harvested in as few as 3-to-4 years, robbed of their full potential. The rampant use of fertilizers and chemicals compounded the problem, tainting the agave plants and creating soil loss with unsustainable farming practices. These practices, coupled with large producers’ diffuser and autoclave production techniques, and the addition of additives to create unauthentic juice, resulted in a product that bore the tequila name but lacked its soul.

Unwilling to stand idle, Francisco and Oscar embarked on a tough journey in 2017 to revive the true spirit of tequila. They began sourcing agave plants from USDA-certified sustainable organic estates, where the blue agave plants were free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The agave plants were allowed to mature naturally in volcanic regions rich in minerals and other nutrients.

But the commitment of Francisco and Oscar did not end there.
Breaking away from large-scale production methods, they adopted the traditional small-batch distillation process and the time-honored volcanic stone brick-oven vapor stream method. This painstaking process allowed the agave’s flavors and aromas to unfold gradually and the tequila to acquire a smooth, distinct character.

The creation of Casa Mate Organic Tequila was not just about preserving tradition, but also about innovation. Oscar spent months meticulously refining and iterating a unique flavor proprietary profile. His expertise and patience led to a smooth, ultra-premium tequila to be sipped like a high-end wine or whiskey. Francisco used his business skills to set up a licensed importing, branding and marketing business in the United States, where 72% of all tequila produced is consumed.

Casa Mate Organic Tequila is a testament to Francisco and Oscar’s commitment to quality, a brand where tradition and innovation intertwine to offer a uniquely smooth, full-bodied and deeply satisfying taste. The Tequila is free of glycerin, oak extract, caramel color and jarabes, natural sugar-based syrups like agave nectar and sugar substitutes. It is more than a drink—it is a legacy, a tribute to rich heritage. Casa Mate Organic Tequila is a beacon of authenticity in an industry often guilty of pushing stored, white label, pre-made, bulk inorganic tequila sold by distilleries to large importers.

“We launched the company on a tight budget and faced numerous challenges along the way,” Francisco said. “However, our resolve remained unwavering throughout the journey. As I hold a bottle of Casa Mate Organic Tequila, it fills me with immense joy and pride. This unique tequila isn’t just a product for us; it’s a tribute to our ancestors and a celebration of our Mexican heritage. Moving forward, we want to create an ethical global tequila company committed to authenticity, purity and sustainability.”

In 2022, Casa Mate Organic Tequila gained acceptance and recognition in the industry by securing three consecutive high honors, in blind taste tests conducted by consumers at the SIP Awards.

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