Casa Mate Organic Tequila

Casa Mate Organic Tequila has set itself apart from other tequilas with a full-body, clean, and honest beverage that maintains a distinct taste.

Casa Mate has also set itself apart with its dedication to sustainability.  

Casa Mate’s taste is so distinct that the team behind it boasts how perfect it is for sipping, rather than just hard shots or as a mixer to avoid harshness. 

But driving the entire Casa Mate experience is that which is kept out of the process—chemicals. Sustainability is as important to the team behind this brand as the taste. 

“Besides providing an amazing quality product, we are also concerned with how we produce it,” said Francisco Gonzalez, co-founder of Casa Mate Organic Tequila.“We want the best for our consumers, and we all want the best for the environment. Let’s take care of it. We can be a force of change in the industry, we can disrupt the industry on how things should be made, to secure a sustainable environment for our future generations. 

“We’re thinking about our kids, we’re thinking about our grandchildren. If we don’t take this seriously, and the way that making tequila can impact the environment, nobody wins. For us as a company, it’s very important to be conscious of all the aspects of the industry and not only focus on making profits, but making a sustainable company and a sustainable system.”

Casa Mate Organic Tequila is certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bio-Agricert and the European Commission.

“We don’t use any chemicals, no pesticides, nothing that harms our agaves, because we want to keep our soil clean,” Francisco said. 

Clean soil means clean agave plants, which are the heart of the tequila-making process. And regarding the production side of Casa Mate Organic Tequila, the single estate, seven-year old agave is cooked over a volcanic stone oven with steam vapor, which produces zero emissions.

All of this takes the process further into the realm of chemical-free tequila. 

One of the more compelling aspects of the Casa Mate organic production process involves the company’s distillery in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. 

The Casa Mate distillery (Nom 1577) is located downhill from the cooking area. Once the agave is cooked and the raw tequila excreted, the liquid content travels downhill by gravity in the distillery through the cooking, milling, fermentation and distillation processes. The need for electricity to pump the raw tequila is eliminated. 

Also, Casa Mate uses the fiber by-product from the agave plant in the production of its own labels, to eliminate one source of waste. Agave fiber is also sold to fabric, textile and rope companies. 

And speaking of the Casa Mate tequila bottles, they are hand-blown by Mexican artisans using 100% recycled glass. And the bottle caps are made of aluminum, which is easier to recycle than other materials. 

Overall, Casa Mate’s commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Pesticide-free soil in its agave fields.
  • Zero-waste distillery.
  • Cooking, fermentation and distillation by gravity.
  • Low-energy consumption.
  • Agave fiber reutilization for labels.
  • Social Responsible Factory certification (ESR empresa socialmente responsable).
  • Fair trade for employees. 
    Vinaza reprocessing to avoid waste.
  • Recycled glass, handmade bottle.
  • Easy-to-recycle aluminum cap.
  • 1% for the Planet member—1% of revenue is donated towards worldwide environmental causes. 
The strong commitment to the organic, additive-free and full sustainability of Casa Mate Organic Tequila reflects the strength of Mexican heritage and company values that guide Francisco and his partner, Oscar Madrid. The two men are natives of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, which sits just 30 minutes from the magical town of Tequila. Both men also hail from families that share a rich legacy rooted in tequila production. Francisco was born into a family of agave growers. Oscar’s relatives have been distilling this spirit for generations. The two men dedicated their lives to making tequila and leaving a positive impact on the planet after growing concerned over the waning quality of this cherished drink. Francisco and Oscar see a growing market for authentic, honest, pure, clean, organic, additive-free and sustainable tequila.

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